Social Smarts Groups

Social Smarts Groups, which typically meet one evening a week for six weeks, will be staring up again shortly.  Please visit us on Facebook for the most up to date information.  We are looking for children who have autism spectrum disorder or a related diagnosis. If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our groups, or would like more information,  please contact the Pier Center for Autism.  

Our Social Smarts Groups focus on improved social skills in a small group setting with groups formed by commonalities (not only by age).  In addition to the groups of participants aged 5-13 we have traditionally had, we also have an expanded high school and college aged group.  For these groups, participants should already have intermediate-to-strong verbal and academic skills. This will allow us to focus on social conversation and reciprocal language skills during the 50-minute sessions.

Targets of our groups may vary based on the need of the individuals in the group, but may include: problem solving, body language, negotiating with peers and adults, managing celebrations: birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc., and how to manage your communication to different group settings.