Behavior Technician

The Pier Center for Autism is looking to add Behavior Technicians to our growing staff.

The Behavioral Technician is responsible for the implementation of functional analyses, behavior reduction protocols, and skill acquisition programming as developed by the Clinical Director for clients in the Pier Center for Autism.  The Behavioral Technician is also responsible for assisting with the generalization and maintenance of client skills in community settings (e.g., home, school), which may include parent/caregiver training.


Ensure that clients are not subjected to physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological abuse (adherence to approved consumer management techniques).

  1. Clients are to be free from unnecessary restraint (ex. employ graded levels of intervention).
  2. Ensure that all allegations of mistreatment, neglect, or abuse, as well as injuries of unknown sources are reported and investigated.


  1. Participate in all training that enables performance of duties effectively, efficiently, and competently (ex. staff meetings, orientation, in-services).
  2. Demonstrate the skills necessary to implement the individual program plan for each client.


  1. Participate in the development of individual client program plans (e.g., weekly updates with the Clinical Director of client progress).
  2. Ensure that each client’s individual behavior plan is implemented as written.
  3. Document any significant client events (e.g., tantrums, falls, etc.) in writing and notify the client’s parent or caregiver, and the Clinical Director.
  4. All documentation (e.g., progress notes, changes sheets, daily data collection) is to be completed with specified time frames.
  5. Use correct voice tones with interacting with clients and staff.
  6. Ensure that all interactions are age appropriate for clients.
  7. Promote client growth through all clinical activities including talking and engaging with clients even when they are unable to reciprocate these exchanges.
  8. Encourage clients to demonstrate maximum independence by requiring the clients to perform daily living tasks with the least intrusive prompt necessary for the completion of the task, unless indicated otherwise in a client’s program.

Physical Environment/Health:

  1. Ensure clients’ environment is furnished and maintained in good repair.
  2. Ensure that staff are familiar with the emergency plans/procedures.
  3. Ensure that clients and staff are provided a sanitary environment through proper infection control procedures, including but not limited to
    1. Using proper hand washing techniques frequently (and at a minimum of when the employee uses the restroom, prepares food, or contacts bodily fluids)
    2. Using gloves in for food preparation
    3. Using gloves while helping clients in the restroom
  1. Wiping down surfaces at the conclusion of client appointments (e.g., table, chairs, light switches, toys, door knobs).
  1. Ensure a safe environment is maintained by following established policies and procedures.
  2. Ensure that clients are provided food at appropriate temperature, amount, and are provided utensils as specified.
  3. Ensure client cleanliness.
  4. Ensure reporting of illness/injury.
  5. Ensure clients are treated with respect and dignity.
  6. Ensure staff maintains proper client appearance by choice of clothing and placing it on correctly.
  7. Teach/monitor all areas of self-care.

General Process:

  1. Maintain confidentiality of clients, client records, and conferences.
  2. Implement company policies/procedures as specified.
  3. Maintain lines of communication.
  4. Develop, maintain, and foster positive training environment between staff, clients, and clients’ family members and caregivers.
  5. Ensure effective working relationships between all employees.
  6. Ensure staff maintains a neat/clean appearance to serve as appropriate role models.
  7. Ensure staff interacts appropriately with clients according to policies and procedures set forth by Mid-Step Services and serve as appropriate role models.
  8. Participate in other activities assigned or dictated.
  9. Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality; complies with attendance policy.


  • Must have a bachelor’s degree or the ability to obtain the RBT certification.
  • Possess ability to speak and read English, additional language skills are encouraged.
  • Must be able to write legibly.
  • Must have basic typing and computer skills.
  • Must meet physical requirements for the position.
  • Must be approved to work by the Iowa Department of Human Services if one or more of the following exist: prior convictions, child abuse registry report, and/or dependent adult abuse registry report.
  • Must not be on the Medicare/Medicaid fraud registry.
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screening.
  • Individuals with blood borne pathogen diseases cannot be employed in any direct care position due to risk of disease exposure to clients.

Please download and read the full job description here.

 To apply, please visit the Mid-step Services website and complete the online application.